Introduction (This whole page is a work in progress)

Salutations, fellow canines.

I'm Blitz, Alpha female of the Pack of Shifting Shadows. We are a pack that welcomes all types of hardcore canines, such as wolves, foxes, and large dogs. We dispise any canines that have a tie to slayers (Humans) or that have been domesticated at any stage in their lifetime, and will brutaly chase them away prior to entrance within our territory. Word spreads about us not allowing pups, but it isn't true. We do allow pups, but only pups that are related in some way to our ranks. It is required to have read some portion of this Wikia before joining our midst. We do have a page on clans wikia, but are more active on this. Animal Jam Clans Wikia is much to large to add anymore pages, and people are never able to find your page within the large mound of others. To add a little portion more of freedom in our pack, we allow the arctic wolf avatar. This concludes our introduction, and I hope to see you around. But stay out of our territory! (If you are interested in joining please JAG me, I'm 2004rae. Or scroll down to How do I join?)


Allowed avatars: Fox, wolf, arctic wolf and bunny. We don't allow any other animals, including arctic fox.

About the avatars: Foxes are principally for the Jockeys (explained below), but that can also be your species. Bunnies are for pups ONLY. Wolves and arctic wolves are principally for full grown wolves, but the normal wolf can be used as young arctic wolves or arctic wolf Jockeys. To find out what a Jockey is, scroll down to ranks.

Colours and avatar's fur

Here are a bunch of colours, eyes and patterns you are allowed to use. The reason for no black eyes is a personal pet peeve. These are MANDATORY and violation of the colours have a rather serious punishment, like demotion. Next to the colour pallet we have patterns and eyes you are allowed to use. Please, no others! Your colour may also vary on your species. Please try to be realistic with the colour.

Example: Normal wolves, like timber wolves, aren't white.


We have selected clothing per animal type and whether or not you're a member. Please follow these choices, and don't be afraid to suggest new clothing that should be allowed!


Paws: Gauntlets/elf bracelets, leaf armour or arm cuffs. Elf bracelet's may only be red, black, tan or red and black.

Head: Nothing at all

Neck: Rare/diamond spike collar, leaf necklace or a moon necklace (Your neck must have something on it if your member)

Back: Elf armour, spartan armour, or nothing

Tail: Tail armour or nothing.


Paws: Gauntlets/elf bracelets, leaf armour or arm cuffs. Elf bracelet's may only be red, black, tan or red and black.