Hello, I am Ammolite, leader of this pack. Come on, let me show you around.

This is a Play Wild pack, since the leader is most active on there.


Alpha- The leader of the pack.

Beta- The second in command.

Delta- The third in command.

Elders- Retired warriors, healers, and monarchs

Pups- Newborn dogs or dogs too young to train

Tyros- Apprentices that are training

Monarchs- Female dogs expecting or nursing pups.

Healer- The medicine dog(s) of the group. They use herbs (and sometimes magic) to heal other pack members.

Warriors- the fighters and hunters of the pack

Omegas- Least treated and are usually prisoners.

Dress Code

Mech Angel Helmet

Firefly Necklace

Any Amulets (healers only)

Elf Helmet (dark colors only)

Realistic pelt colors (although shades of blue and red can be used)

Scorpion Armor