"Pain? No....pain isn't weakness. Pain is strength.."-Sienna


Mother: Winter

Father: Fallen

Siblings: None

Mate: None

Pups: None


When Sienna was a pup, she was known as Molly. She had been taken in from furheads as a pup, mistaken as a dog. They would trap her and lock her outside, but that never scared Molly. She barked loudly the whole night and when the furheads woke up, the worst punishment came. The furheads whipped Molly and left a nasty scar on side of her face. She went wild and broke the window, escaping. She ran into the forest and didn't look back. She then gasped, collapsing. Her life had been saved by her wolf senses.

Personality and Appearance

Sienna is a silver and white wolf with bright blue eyes. She is kind, tough, short temper and respectful.

Other Things

User: Madelin20529

Pack: Pack of Eclipsing Shadows

Theme Song: Battle Scars