"Carnage, Isn't It Gratuitous?"


The furocious bellowing of canines sounds behind you, impelling your paws to propel you further into the forest. The towering trees surrounding you are merely a blur as you zoom by.

"Carnage, diamond formation!" a husky voice booms behind you, and you make out the figures of numerous canines at either side of you. One zooms ahead, cutting you off.

"Heel!" the canine snaps again, growing closer to you. As he/she draws nearer, you realize that the canine is a Doberman Pinscher. "Well, well, well.. what do we have here? A mutt? A lost mutt?"

Your body trembles faintly, causing several canines to smirk and snap their glistening fangs at your paws.

"What a useless piece of flesh!"

"How is it even alive?"

"Let's kill it!"

"Silence!" the Doberman booms again, his/her ashen grey eyes glowing against the engulfing darkness. "He/she will be tested. If proven worthy, we will accept him/her as a member of our pack."



Founding Date 12/19/16
Realm Dark
Status Inactive
Species Dogs
Roleplay Style Advanced Vocabulary
Tag Colour Dark Blue
Badge Howling Wolf
Theme Song DOOM - Fight Like Hell



All members of Carnage must be respectful to one another. Quarrels and tension between one another leads to drama, which we try our best to avoid. If you are disrespectful to anyone, punishments are severe.


These laws are here for a reason. It is required of you to follow all laws, and to review them before you even consider joining. If you join before reviewing these laws, and do something against the laws, punishments will go into play.


Carnage frowns upon doublegrouping immensely. When you apply, your username will be searched up, and if it shows up on any other pages, you will be declined immediately.


Powerplay is strictly forbidden. Powerplaying is when you have the free will to do anything by simply saying "nn" and "nm". This is considered cheating, and is annoys and disturbs most roleplayers.


Anatomy and Latin is strictly forbidden in Carnage. 99.9% of Anatomy and Latin is either fake or inaccurate. It can also become annoying, because there are many roleplayers who do not understand.


Editing the page without permission will lead to severe consequences. The coding on this page is highly sensitive. If you are seen in the History, you will be punished. If you are not in the pack, you will be reported to an admin.



Head Neck Back Legs
Flower Crown Spiked Collar Spartan Armour Elf Bracelets
Skull Helmet Leaf Necklace Elf Armour Leaf Bracelets
Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing


Head Neck Back Legs
Fox Hat Pinecone Necklace Worn Blanket Glove
Independence Day Flower Crown Jamaaliday Scarf Pirate Sword Freedom Bands
Nothing Nothing Nothing Nothing


December 19, 2016

Carnage is founded.

╳CHAIN OF COMMAND╳ Minister [x1]

The Minister is the overall ruler of the pack. He/she is accompanied with the most respect and authority, which, inevitably gives them all rights to execute/exile/banish.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]

Ambassador [x1]

The Ambassador is second-in-command. When the Minister is not active, the Ambassador will take over as Minister. When this is the case, all canines must turn their loyalty towards the Ambassador.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]

War Commanders [x4]

These four canines are responsible for waging and plotting wars with other groups. They are specifically trained and specialized in combat, which is why they are granted with this crucial rank. These canines are to be greatly respected.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]

Medics [x3]

The Medics are specialized specifically in herbs. They are professionally trained, and are accompanied with the knowledge of herbal uses. They heal those who are injured or ill. The Medics are to keep the canines of the pack healthy.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]

Sentinels [x6]

The Sentinels are the Elites of the pack. They are accompanied with advanced combat skills. These six canines are chosen specifically from the Minister. They are greatly trusted members of the pack.

[This rank can be challenged.]

Trackers [x6]

The Trackers are the hunters. The entire pack relies on them to keep the prey supply up to stock and abundant. Two canines are sent out per patrol- dawn, mid-day, and dusk.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]

Combatants [xInfinite]

The Combatants are the designated warriors of the pack. They dedicate their everyday lives to training in combat. The Combatants attend all battles and events.

[This rank can be challenged.]

Neophytes [xInfinite]

Neophytes are canines between 4-10 months old. They are assigned a mentor once they reach the 4-moon age span. They train until they are 10 months old. They are then promoted a higher rank.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]

Caretakers [x15]

Caretakers are females who are either expecting or nurturing her young. She has retired from her previous rank temporarily to tend to her young. When they reach 4 months old, she will return to her previous duties.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]

Youth [xInfinite]

These are the life and blood of the pack. The Youth are between 0-4 months old. It is required that they stay within the camp, due to safety hazards. It is preferred if they stay in the nursery, but they tend to stray into the clearing and play.

[This rank is not to be challenged.] Seniors [x15]

The Seniors are retired canines. They have stepped down either because of a permanent injury or old age. Though they are the lowest rank in the pack, we still respect them, due to their time served in Carnage.

[This rank is not to be challenged.]


Number Name Username Rank
1. Cadaver Jrocks3649 Minister




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